Saturday, December 1, 2012

advent adventures: day 1

so, this year my advent calendar's not too exciting to look at...

but each day has a different christmas themed activity/adventure for us to enjoy, so hopefully that will make up for any slacking on my part.

we kicked off the month of adventures with a visit to see santa!  before leaving, i asked jack what he wanted santa to bring him and he replied, "Socks!  and.... APPLE JUICE!"  santa was quite pleased to hear that.  or so i imagine.  by the time he was ready to climb up on the big guy's lap, he had upgraded his wish list to dinosaurs.  he's pretty easy to please!  and he wasn't at all shy about meeting the man in red (which might have been somewhat related to the free flow of cookies)!

looking forward to a magical month... hope you and yours are, too! 


  1. Just the fact that you have an advent calendar means you are not slacking...let alone a cutely painted frame w/ all sorts of planned Christmas activities! I'm happy that my tree is up and we actually have outside lights this year!

    1. We actually put some lights in our front bushes for the first time ever this year, and I felt pretty pleased with myself, too :) Granted, once it was dark out and all lit up, it looked very one-sided and sort of pathetic, but oh well... it's the thought that counts, right?!