Tuesday, December 11, 2012

advent adventures: day 11.

break out the flour, salt and mix in a little water and booooom!  you have those classic salt dough christmas ornaments... otherwise known as: today's advent adventure!

here's the recipe i used.

and here's the play-by-play (in photos):

 though the recipe doesn't specifically call for a rudolph nose, it certainly adds to the atmosphere!
 mixing up the ornament dough!
 some of the ornaments... pre-decoration.
 finished specimen #1
finished specimen #2

we still have quite a few more ornaments to finish decorating.  i'm thinking of leaving some without any paint or glitter, though - i think they look so cute on top of packages!  

i think jack enjoyed tonight's festivities... and he certainly enjoyed sampling the dough (only a toddler!) stay tuned for tomorrow... sweet dreams all!

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