Monday, December 3, 2012

advent adventures: day 3.

i have not made a paper snowflake since i-can't-remember-when.  it must have been grade school.  it was so long ago that i had to do some searching on the the internet (read pinterest) for some how-to's.  luckily, paper-snowflake-making is not rocket science because today's envelope required us to break out the scissors (or, in jack's case, the paper hole punch) and get to work.

making paper snowflakes is rather therapeutic, if i do say so myself.  it might be my new favorite christmas activity.  minus eating the mini cupcakes we made yesterday!
  "look, mom!  we did it!
   "cheese!" (is it just me or is jack looking so old in all these pictures?!)

we used white cupcake liners to make some of them; they turned out to be my favorite.  if i had had round coffee filters on hand, i would have put those to the test, too!

the bits of paper all over the floor were totally worth it once jack stepped back to see the finished product and proudly exclaimed, "it's AMAZING!" 

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