Saturday, December 22, 2012

advent adventures: days 19 - 22.

playing catch up on our advent adventures.... it's been a busy week!  a little planning ahead and i knew that by the time we reached december 19th, i might be just a bit EXHAUSTED after being in trial all week, so our instructions were simple: a picnic by the christmas tree.  do you remember being a kid and sitting near the twinkling lights?  i do... i have fond memories of being a kid at christmas time.  i hope that jack will have those same sorts of memories when he looks back on holiday seasons of days gone by.

 auntie jess joined us for some R & R time under the twinkling lights

talking to his baby brother... which happens pretty much daily... probably because the belly is unavoidable at this point!

day 20 required us to break out our best smiles for a classic family picture in front of the christmas tree.

 LOVE this smiley peanut!

 gracie wouldn't cooperate, but it was a pretty good showing for the rest of us, no? 

i don't have pictures from day 21, but it was a great night spent with friends enjoying (or over indulging, as the case might have been) some mexican food and the company of good friends. it was a great start to the long holiday weekend!  our envelope said "spend time with friends celebrating the season," and so we did.  virgin margaritas and all!  

and finally day 22 - we made puppy chow!  who doesn't love puppy chow?!  i mean... SERIOUSLY!

 yes, you can make puppy chow without makeup on, thank you very much.
 who me?! i didn't steal any chocolate, mommy!
 "this is DELICIOUS, daddy!"

 puppy chow face.
 mad face - check out that fist!
 sad face.  kills me, haha.

can you believe there are 3 days left til christmas?!  i cannot.  i'm going to get a really good night of sleep tonight (i hope... please cooperate little baby in utero!) and then i'm going to enjoy the heck out of the next 72 hours with my family!  i suggest you whip up some puppy chow and do the same!  xo

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  1. I just love your advent activities. The picnic looks like such fun. And the puppy chow has me craving some myself. Yummy!!! Merry Christmas!