Tuesday, December 18, 2012

advent adventures: day 18.

there is something about a contentious custody trial that makes me treasure spending precious moments with my son all the more.  one day left, one day left, one day left.  that's my mantra at this point.  anyway, today's advent agenda included coloring christmas pictures.  i love jack's intensity.  when he's concentrating on a project, he is all about accomplishing the mission.  i also love the dialogue as he's working on things.  "hi mom!  how are you doing?  good job, mom!  are you using blue?  i'm using a green marker!  i like green markers.  gracie can't color.  gracie doesn't have arms yet.  can we watch elves?  (prep & landing) i like elves, don't you, mom?"

can you believe we're one week away from christmas?!  where did the time go???  i can't believe how fast time is flying... how we're nearing the end of the advent calendar... the holiday season is upon us... and the end of this pregnancy looms.  not ready to think about that last one... yet.  i've got way too much to do before that happens.  i prefer to eat candy cane pie and stay in denial about it!

see you tomorrow.

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