Wednesday, December 5, 2012

advent adventures - day 5.

today we broke out the crayons and markers to make some homemade christmas cards to send to a few special people.  of course, when i asked jack who he wanted to make cards for, he promptly chose his grandparents.  he adores of all of them... and i'm fairly confident they think he's pretty swell, too.  anyway, he also wanted to send a card to "baby petey," his new cousin, so we made sure to decorate one for him as well.  john participated, too, contributing a tiny card for his parents with the world's tiniest santa (a red dot).  (i believe this was a throwback to a favorite story of his mom's.  she loves to tell about how a grade school art teacher of john's instructed him and his class to draw pictures of their favorite bugs.  after a short while, john announced he was done, and the teacher was surprised to see a piece of paper with some dots on it.  when asked to explain, john replied, "they're fleas!"  at least he's creative...)

check out the caption.  those are no ordinary scribbles; that's actually "captain hook."

happy st. nick's eve!  don't forget to leave out your shoes... if you've been good!

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