Friday, December 7, 2012

advent adventures - day 6.

yesterday's adventure was pretty easy - if you'd been good.... which jack OBVIOUSLY had been: celebrate st. nick's day!  is this something that you guys do, too?  or is this just something that my family did growing up?  i've discussed it with people before and some people know nothing of the odd tradition of leaving your shoes out for st. nick to fill as a precursor to the big day. this is what wikipedia says about the holiday.   this is what i say about the holiday: any excuse for me to eat some chocolate for breakfast is a golden opportunity that i can get behind 100%.

jack received two meno books from st. nick.  st. nick picked them out without doing much research, and daddy isn't too excited about the improper use of grammar within said books.  however, these books click with kids - or at least this kid.  jack laughed hysterically at every page.  i would highly recommend the big fun one.  meno is a space elf, who looks a lot like my little towhead, so i automatically think he's adorable.  also, in one of the books, meno tries to find a new friend and considers david hasselhoff as one option. who doesn't appreciate that type of humor in a children's book?

anyway, hope your st. nick celebrations, if you participated, were wonderful.  i'm hoping all the sugar i ingested doesn't affect the glucose test i'm taking today!  happy friday!

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