Wednesday, December 12, 2012

advent adventures: day 12.

less than two weeks til the big day, and we're still chugging away with our advent calendar.  today's envelope brought jack to the library where he and daddy picked out some christmas movies to watch this evening.  we cozied up in our pajamas to enjoy frosty the snowman.  jack enjoyed it thoroughly and insisted on calling grandma and grandpa afterwards to tell them all about it.

and here's a little something for anyone reading this who is trying to make their christmas picture perfect: a special christmas book for any/all overachieving moms who are seeking the impossible.  check it out.  john helped jack pick it out at the library, but maybe he secretly intended for me to read it.  the gist of it is about two families - one who does all their holiday celebrating in a picture perfect way, and another who does it as passionately, but less showy.  i don't know, but i came out of it thinking the latter family sounded a lot like my family .... and a lot more fun.  so cheers to the less than perfect families embracing the holiday spirit!  you don't need a prize winning tree to embrace the season.  (and so says a very wise children's book...  that you can buy for the low, low price of $16.99 on amazon.)

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