Monday, November 19, 2012

dear baby.

dear baby in my uterus:

you don't take well to stern lectures or alfredo sauce or noises in the night, so i thought i would try a simple note.  judging by the number of contractions i have been experiencing the past few days (in somewhat regular fashion), it seems like you are thinking of making an earlier debut than planned.  i would just like to share a few things with you about our family:

we are loud.

we like pasta.

we are always late.

i get it.  you heard the sounds of some christmas music that i started playing without even checking with your father for his opinion on that matter, and you started getting all excited to come out and do your thing.  you heard your big brother has successfully transitioned to a twin bed, so you figured it was time to come out and claim your throne crib. 

let me tell you this, my dear son.  i have a PINTEREST BOARD dedicated to you.  and on said board there are knitted LEPRECHAUN hats.  because you are supposed to come sometime in the early spring.  NOT before christmas.  NOT in january. 

now let me be clear, my precious little nugget: i/we could not be more excited to meet you.  i mean that.  we are OVERJOYED at the thought of all the wonderful moments and adventures that lie ahead... BUT let's start the journey in 2013... mmmmkay?!

i love you,
mom xo


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