Wednesday, March 28, 2012

can it be?

this blog is 3! hahahaha. well, this blog has survived it's terrible two's, and today, march 28, marks the third anniversary of me baring my soul to the interwebs. happy birthday, blog!

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in honor of this MOMENTOUS occasion, i promise to eat lots of ice cream, lay on a bed of burlap scraps and drink even more coffee than i usually do. THAT is celebrating.

also, in honor of this MOMENTOUS occasion, i will now share THREE things you might not have known about me, in no particular order:

(1) i did not know anything about eyebrow maintenance until my YOUNGER sister happened to share the mystical secrets of plucking over dinner at a diner before an ani difranco concert at the aragon ballroom in chicago when we were in high school. we were sitting there with my friend when she just casually said something about plucking eyebrows. LIKE THE WHOLE WORLD JUST INSTINCTIVELY KNEW TO TIDY UP LIKE THAT. i was blown away. which seems rather naive, i admit. but i was the oldest in my family, and who was going to tell me that eyebrow tweezing was supposed to have been an integral part of my beauty routine???

(2) in sixth grade, after watching some science-y movies, my teacher surprised us with a pop quiz. one question was: "Who or what is Roy G. Biv?" After racking my brain and panicking, i held back tears as i wrote down a little spiel about mr. biv, who must have been some scientist in the documentaries we had just watched about light spectrum blah blah blah. when i came home to share this with my dad, he laughed and laughed and laughed.

in related news, i failed one test in my life (other than the aforementioned pop quiz), and it was in GYM. a test on the rules of badminton. seriously?!? i had an A for participation and an F for that stupid test, and ended up with a C in GYM CLASS. riiight.

(3) freshman year of college, some friends and i were drinking a few casual beers at the men's dorm on campus. and an RA with a pretty keen sense of smell "wrote us up," for this flagrant offense. i had to meet with the residence hall director, watch a movie on substance abuse and write a paper on what i'd learned. i remember putting some time into writing a thought-provoking essay on the dangers of binge drinking. meanwhile, across campus, a man i didn't know yet, but who would one day be my husband, had been busted in a different dorm room for a similar infraction. instead of wasting any time on heartfelt essays, he increased the font size on his word processing program to 72 and wrote "drinking is bad." when he met with the residence hall director, he had her beat and she said, "well, i didn't give you any parameters, so i guess you win. i had just hoped you'd take this seriously." this illustrates COMPLETELY the vast differences betwixt my husband and me.

(3a.) i love the word betwixt.

well, thar she blows. three years of not-so-regular, but recently-a-lot-more-regular blogging. thanks for reading. and if you've ever wondered about this blog, me, my husband or my burlap obsession, now's the time to ask away! i will share all on this, the day of my blog's birthday. (said in my most convincing marlon-brando-as-the-godfather voice.)

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  1. I think I need t use the word betwixt. Brilliant.

    Also, I think the that Roy G. Biv question was terribly tricky. Shame on that teacher.