Tuesday, March 27, 2012

droppin' plates.

do you guys remember the band disturbed? i have to say i do. i sorta had a big crush/dated/made out a lot with this guy that worked in the back kitchen at the restaurant where i spent most of my free time in high school, and he listened to them a lot. so by extension i did, too. i pretended to tolerate them for his sake. so you know, when i brought dirty dishes back to the kitchen, shamelessly flirting with him, maybe i'd mouth a lyric or two of "droppin' plates" so he'd think i was super cool. and ohhhh, was i ever cool. you guys - i had a sort of relationship with a guy who was man enough to grow a soul patch and sport an eyebrow ring. i totally doodled our names on napkins in the breakroom because i believed we were going to get married someday. and "droppin' plates" would have been our first dance or something. (insert prayer of thanks for meeting john and choosing van morrison's "crazy love" as our song instead.)

anyway, that droppin' plates song was totally stuck in my head tonight. take a listen here, if you're so inclined. tonight i took a pile of assorted plates i found in the basement of the rescue mission thrift store and turned them into something similar to these:

(all found on pinterest and immediately adored)

here is my version:

do you think it looks slightly unfinished? that's because it is slightly unfinished. i need more plates to add to my collection obviously, but i also need to convince the rescue mission to start staying open til like midnight or so. and they will OBVIOUSLY OBLIGE BECAUSE I AM SUCH A DEDICATED AND LOYAL PATRON. anyway, until that time, i will live with the beginnings of this plate arrangement. by the way, does this count as a gallery wall? because if so, that brings the total to 3 in my house. also - i promise that this arrangement looks better in person. you've heard it before... crappy camera.

ok, off to lull myself to sleep with the musical stylings of disturbed. just kidding.


  1. I love the idea of a plate wall in the dining room. Yours is looking great. I love that you can just keep adding to it.

    1. Thank you! My husband's response upon coming downstairs to it this morning was, "Oh great, more stuff to fall off the wall and get broken." Apparently he was underwhelmed... though I am confused because we live in NORTHEASTERN IOWA... not earthquake territory... :)