Monday, March 19, 2012

attractive nuisance.

legally speaking, an attractive nuisance is the doctrine that allows a landowner to be held liable when a trespassing child is injured after being attracted by some dangerous thing (a pool, a deep hole, etc.) on the landowner's property. that's some black letter law straight out of my 2006 for you. on this blog, an attractive nuisance is some sweet thing i've discovered that i've managed to foul up, break, injure myself while using or waste money on. here's this week's edition:

(1) this sweet little frame, that i added to my living room gallery wall.

this was another rescued treasure from the mission thrift store. i am not sure exactly how much it was because i brought a whole bunch of treasures up from the mission basement, plunked them on the counter and bought them all for $3. but anyway, i found this sweet little thing. attractive...

but it had no glass. nuisance! so i picked up a cheap $1 frame, figuring i could steal the glass out of that. except that this frame was an odd size. nuisance! so then i had to buy a glass cutter at lowe's. and the youtube tutorial i found did not include instructions for dealing with an impatient husband. so, the sweet little frame is hanging on the wall, but there is a slight scratch/crack on the side if you look at it very closely.

(2) after a combination of my liquid courage (coffee) and encouragement from a friend (thanks, kristin!), i decided to re-paint my kitchen this weekend. afterwards, i decided to switch up some decor after the paint had dried. i headed on over to staples to check out martha stewart's new home organization line to assist in that regard. OH. MY. GOD. have you seen this line? it is the cutest! i could have purchased everything because it just so happened that devilish martha designed it all with my favorite colors in mind. that witch! anyway, i restrained myself and limited my purchase to some removable adhesive chalkboard labels. THESE THINGS ARE AWESOME (attractive), but i have spent the last 45 minutes dreaming about where i could use the 20 more i plan to purchase (nuisance).

i added them to some of the storage containers in my kitchen.

and the leftovers to the storage containers in jack's room.

(3) this chicken wire frame i made....

and from which i most likely contracted tetanus. (definite nuisance) i had this project in mind after pinning a few inspiration images. and my dad, knowing me that well, produced some of the most authentic looking (and rusty) chicken wire available. it was so authentic in fact, that it came complete with a few genuine chicken feathers. anyway, i used my trusty wire cutters to shape the wire to the frame and, in the process, beat the heck out of my hands. they were sore for several days. which is, i suppose, a small price to pay for this attractive new piece that adorns my kitchen wall.

well, that's about it around these parts. we've been enjoying the tropical iowa weather, and hoping it decides to stay warm for the long haul. here's a little sneak peek of jack on spring break in dubuque:

i hope you all have a great week of conquering attractive nuisances and avoiding tetanus!


  1. You did paint your kitchen! Is the teal color form your photo the new color? I like it!

  2. Yes it is! I really, really like it. Who knows if it will be a forever thing, or if I will end up re-painting my kitchen every 6 months :) I'm brainstorming a new floor and the addition of wainscoting, too. Does the fun never end?! ;)

  3. I really like that color! Funny thing is our bedroom used to be that color and I was sick of it in our room, so I repainted, but it looks awesome in the kitchen photo.

    I know the feeling! I am looking for flooring for ours as well and a new backsplash. Ours isn't horrible, but of course I want to redo it!

  4. I'm going to buy some of those labels for my future transformation of the front closet into a how they're removable. Kevin's even on board with the pantry idea (not really essential, but a bonus for putting things together!. I also just came across some rusty chicken wire in our garage and want to recreate your I'm worried about tetanus:) I'm also debating spray painting the wire.....Great post. As usual, reminding me how slowly I complete projects and motivating me to just dig in and start!

  5. Swimming in March? In Iowa? Crazy talk! I love it!