Thursday, March 22, 2012

sweatin' the small stuff.

since re-painting my teeny, tiny galley kitchen, i've been consumed by all the changes i want to make in there. my newest obsession is finding some adorable dish towels to hang up for the purpose of DRYING CLEAN HANDS AND DRYING CLEAN DISHES (NOT TO WIPE THE FLOOR OR YOUR MOUTH, JOHN!)

if any of you know the easter bunny personally, please give him or her the head's up on what i'd love to find in my basket (see below).

from anthropologie.

from Crate and Barrel.

from West Elm.

from World Market.


  1. Haha I love this post! I bought some adorable ones from Crate & Barrel and the other day I saw Pat outside wiping down a cooler that has been on the porch since our new years party (ick) with them! I ran out yelling at him. He thought I was crazy! Is it too much to ask him to use old, dish towels for dirty jobs?

    1. Yes, Colleen. It IS too much to ask men to understand the difference between ghetto towels and decorative ones. I've been trying for 8 years and John refuses to make any progress on this. UUUUGHHHH. :)

  2. The fork and spoon version is too cute!

  3. Love them and hope the Easter bunny brings them to you! It must be in the male DNA becauseI have told Bart a hundred times that the towels that hang in the bathroom are for decoration or for guests to use ... Every time he looks at me like I have 3 heads.