Tuesday, April 3, 2012

this is the story...

of how yesterday gave me a rake, a headache, four chairs and a parking ticket.

i was at a settlement conference at another firm that just so happened to be located next to an antique store that i've wanted to check out for some time. it proved as fruitful as i'd hoped, and i finally bought a rake, hung it on the wall...

and added the wine glasses.

if that was where this story ended, it would have been a pretty boring post, no? it probably won't be too exciting either way, but in the process of buying this rake, i received a $15 parking ticket from a very nasty parking attendant for, get this, DOUBLE PARKING. my license plate was like 2 inches, if that, into the next parking spot, and there was NO ONE around. there were literally 9 empty spaces that i could count. I AM NOT A DOUBLE PARKER. i drive a ford escort, for goodness sake! i know my place... and i stay in it! i was pretty irritated by the whole thing, and annoyed that my awesome antique store bargaining skills meant nothing when the $15 ticket was added on.

so then i drowned my sorrows and brought these little treasures home. a complete set of four wooden children's chairs. they are sturdy and adorable.

i had some ideas last night about painting them... maybe like a cream color and distressing them? making them more of a focal point in the decor at my house, rather than something that is hidden in a playroom or a bedroom... i don't know. dreams of something restoration-hardware-ish are playing out in my head, but, as they say in "the wire," i'm going to think on it.

and that, my friends, is all she wrote.

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  1. You found your rake! I remember you telling me about your idea on Saturday night. Such a cute idea, Turned out nice!