Wednesday, April 11, 2012

in a FUNK.

when i was in law school, i would hop on I-57 and head north to chicago on most breaks. upon entering the city limits, i would meet up with my friends, do some shots of jager and then we were out in da clubs til the wee hours. or at least that's how i remember these somewhat hazy memories five or so years later (has it really been that long?!) anyway, after a night of drinking, laughing with friends, dancing, avoiding stereotypical frat boy advances and offering legal administrative assistant jobs at my future law firm to bathroom attendants, sometimes we'd end up at FUNK, a groove bar. i don't remember much about this place, except that it seemed like there was a fog machine running constantly because the air was all hazy and misty. or maybe that was my eyesight at that point in the evening. there also seemed to be tin buckets of beers around, like it was a backyard basement bbq. i don't know for sure, though; like i said, my memories of my time at FUNK are a little hazy.

anyway, i've been in a funk lately. not FUNK, the groove bar, but i've been feeling a little hazy anyway. i have decided to employ the following resources, in no particular order, to pull myself out of said funk. i shall report back on any progress.

(1) doing something to my hair after work today. i'm on a first name basis with my hairstylist, liz, and i told her this morning on the phone that if she didn't fit me in than there was no telling what i might try to do myself. she called back 4 minutes later with an appointment time.

(2) unnecessary target run. i don't need anything. i don't even really want anything. but maybe perusing the aisles at our newly renovated target with help lift the haze.

(3) dessert date with jack & john at the village inn. "let them eat PIE!"

(4) delving into the david sedaris book our book club is reading and that my husband has been bogarting all month. did i mention i own an autographed copy wherein david wrote a personal message to me?

(5) buying more burlap. back in october i bought something like 15 yards because my local fabric store had a super sale, and i became convinced that after fall was over, burlap might not be kept in stock. if you can believe it, i am close to the end of my stash. maybe the anxiety over that is behind this FUNK in the first place.

anyway, that's a start. as i said, i'll be back with any progress updates. any more ideas on how to end the funk? maybe i should add "keeping up with the blog" to the list. i do owe some updates on life events including the MOUSTACHE PARTY held a few weeks ago... and which, i believe, was a grand success!

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