Thursday, January 26, 2012

the REST of the story.

i often say things that i later reflect upon and realize you should not have said that. sort of like my math skills. you should not have added that. but, to use a senseless phrase to sum it all up, it is what it is. whatever that means.

i was recently reminded, by my husband, of one such incident that occurred a few months ago. jack had been a little sick and had been taking some medicine for congestion, so he was all-around miserable. trying to ease his pain, i started filling up the bathtub for him because no matter what mood he's in, a good soak in the tub always cheers him up.

except this time it didn't. i set him in the tub and he started screaming bloody murder. he'd had a little bit of diaper rash from the medicine, and i figured maybe the bath was irritating it. i pulled him out of the tub to inspect the situation.

and not really sure about everything that was going on down there, i called to my husband, "JOHN! can you please google pictures of baby penises because i want to make sure this is fine."


"JOHN!?! DID YOU HEAR ME? i asked you to...."

suddenly john was at the door of the bathroom, and he stood looking at me very calmly and cooly. "stephanie, did you just ask me to google baby penises?" he asked.

"yes, i just need to..." my voice trailed off as he interrupted.

"yeah, i'm NOT going to do that." he replied.

and then i realized that it was probably for the best that my husband had refused to search for child pornography on our home computer. instead we reassured ourselves that everything was fine after a quick visit with our doctor.

and now, as paul harvey would say, you know the rest of the story.

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