Thursday, January 19, 2012

keepin' it real.

to clarify: after reading my post from earlier today, you might get the impression that i'm trying to pretend that john and i are something that we're not. we are by no means that perfect couple who remembers to buy each other flowers on their anniversary or who write each other long love notes (yes, i do have a homemade valentine from him, circa 2005, that reads, "you give me boners.") but anyway, i am (often) struck by how lucky i am and how good i have it, and so i document the moment with a blog post. but most of the time? most of the time, we're more like this.

john: are you going to help me with the basement tonight? or are you going to waste time on facebook?

me: [in as exasperated a tone as i can manage] john, i am not on facebook. i am working! [pause] please, don't come over here because i'm working on stuff that's privileged and i don't want you to accidentally see. [nonchalantly x's out of facebook.]

john: ok, but seriously, are you coming down there to help?

me: i've got a lot to do. but i did write a blogpost about you today. I LOVE YOU!

john: that does not qualify as helping.

me: it was a very nice post. you should read it.

john: i already have. i get your blogposts sent directly to my phone.

me: wait, what? you do?! that's so sweet!

john: of course not! i've never read one of your posts in my life... and i don't plan to start. and if you're not going to help with the basement, i'm going to decorate it however i want. you might just as well call me TOM because it is going to be MY SPACE.

whew! that's more like it.

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