Friday, January 20, 2012

eye of the storm.

i don't truthfully understand why everyone is making such a big deal about this impending 4-6 inch snowstorm. i mean, there's a veritable shitstorm in my office on the daily, and i've never called in on account of it.

ohhh, i kid, i kid. i get it. i wish i could be home enjoying the snowstorm, too. but i can't. (ahem, the whole shitstorm thing).

but let me just say: it's really not fair that kids get snow days and adults don't. i mean, when you're a kid, your life is pretty much like one big snow day. me? i'm in dire need of a snow day. i want to be sitting on my couch, in my pajamas, shouting "UH-UH, no you diii'int get back with kieffer, jenelle!" while john slowly dies a little bit more inside. not to mention the fact that i would make myself a very large mug of hot cocoa + peppermint schnapps and sip on that throughout the day as well. and i would eat spoonfuls of alcohol-infused whipped cream. and i would snuggle with jack. and read books. and remember that scene from the final season of sex and the city, where that drug-addict socialite falls out the window, and the snow starts falling after the funeral. i always think of that scene when there are snowstorms. yes indeed, i deserve a snow day, and i would enjoy the shit out of it. these kids these days. so ungrateful for the blessings of snow days.

anyway, this is my ode to you, snow day. you blessed, magical, unicorn of my past. i never appreciated you when i received you in abundance and now that you're gone, i mourn the loss of you with a heavy heart. amen.

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