Friday, October 7, 2011

long time coming.

what were you doing two years ago??? seems like such a long time ago, no? were you single, and are now married? were you unemployed and now kicking ass in your career? have you since won the lottery? bought a house?

well, approximately two years ago, i became obsessed with banners and fabric garland. i excitedly grabbed my 50% off joann coupons and booked it to the store to gather supplies. with visions of adorable finished projects spinning in my head...

i set to work.

and then i got busy at work. and then i got lazy. and then i got pregnant. and then i had a baby. and then we bought a house. and then we moved. and then baby got mobile. and then we started project after project at that house. and then one day, it dawned on me that my baby boy was about to turn ONE year old, and i had a half-finished birthday banner tucked away in a rubbermaid tub just waiting to emerge victoriously and in celebration of the wee one's first year.

so i teamed up with my brother (not my brother by blood, my brother sewing machine, in fact) and set about finishing the fabric birthday banner i started so very long ago. and i am here to announce... it is finished.

pretty happy with the way it turned out, and isn't it funny that two years ago, i didn't even know that i'd end up having a little baby boy with a fall birthday, making the color scheme of the garland practically perfect!

anyway, get down with your brother (sewing machine, not your sibling!) or singer or what-have-you and make your own fabric banner! if i didn't think it'd take me another two years to complete, i'd be all over a "merry christmas" or "happy holidays" version.

and speaking of projects that took way longer to complete than necessary, i'm proud to announce that i am FINALLY finished sewing jack's curtains. and yes, i did buy the fabric many months ago. and yes, i did start sewing them way back then. and yes, they did sit in my spare bedroom, neglected and wrinkled on the floor, just waiting for me to finish them all that time. (and it wasn't even like it was a difficult project, people. all i did was hem all four sides of each panel. my lack of follow-through and project ADD is pretty remarkable, i have to say.)

anyway, THIS was my inspiration:

i LOVED the simplicity of the curtains with the two colors for added interest. with the sloping walls in the room, i figured anything too busy would be overwhelming. anyway, ta da! one less thing living on the floor of the spare bedroom!

and if you're wondering about the fleece tie-blanket looking dealio on the sides of jack's crib, that's my $3 solution to my woodchuck problem from here. a few months ago, i discovered jack, poised to destroy his crib with his newly cut teeth. the bars of his crib are wider than most, so traditional clear guards wouldn't work, and this was a cheaper option that took me approximately 10 minutes to complete. how much wood can a woodchuck chuck? i didn't want to find out!

so, anyway, back to my regularly scheduled programming. i'm knee deep in projects i started months ago (perhaps some painting in the kitchen, some backsplash installation, some bathroom re-decorating, a mini art collage for that blank space above jack's glider, and on... and on...) around here. here's to actually finishing some this weekend! hope you are all well... and checking lots of tasks off your own to-do lists!

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