Sunday, October 23, 2011

smashing pumpkins.

well, another fuegerfest has come and gone, and regardless of the amount of clean-up that remains, i can say with assurance, we have the most wonderful family and friends imaginable and this party gets bigger and better every year. all of the preparations, lack of sleep and last minute trips to the grocery store were worth every minute.

we added some new recipes, some new drinks and most importantly some new guests... (ahem, that little man in the middle above, for example) and we had a great time. i maintain that last year's fuegerfest induced labor (jack was born 3 days later), and this year, we celebrated another year of memories, love and friendship with our almost-one-year-old.

part of celebrating a first birthday involves the very important tradition of smashing the cake. and so, in the middle of fuegerfest prepping, i took the time to make a little cake so jack could enjoy this age old tradition.

behold: the before.

and next, after smashing pumpkins:

thanks so much to all who came and celebrated with us yesterday. it was a great time, and we appreciate the opportunity to spend a little time thanking you for all of your love, support, friendship, baby cuddling, painting skills, and moving assistance throughout the past year. for the next MONTH, i vow to relax, get to bed before 3 a.m. and check the rest of the adventures off our fall bucket list. up next: celebrating jack's actual birthday. can you believe that sweet baby is almost O-N-E?!? i cannot....

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