Tuesday, October 25, 2011

thousands and thousands and thousands...

... of words. you know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. or something like that. and if that's true, then i want the wall above the couch in my living room to share thousands and thousands of thousands of words. that's right, now that fuegerfest has come and gone, we can move on to tackling the other projects i have planned (albeit at a much slower pace). first up is creating an eclectic, hodge podge style gallery wall in the living room.

i have been not-so-mildly OBSESSED with this gallery wall since it appeared in my pottery barn catalog last fall.

so obsessed, in fact, that i actually planned to paint my living and dining room that blue color. i went to lowe's and grabbed some similar paint samples and slapped them on the wall, only to discover that while i absolutely ADORED the color, it was just too dark for my little house. adding interest with a modest sized gallery wall would be a better idea. so i am now trying to put together an interesting collection to showcase above the couch.

i love these images (from pinterest) that aren't too matchy matchy, but still look so cohesive and put-together:

anyway, john's a little burned out on my decorating schemes right now, so i need your help. i have an AMAZING old frame i found at an antique store when i lived in carbondale. it is an old white ornate frame that used to house a wedding picture above our bed. i want to add it to the wall, and i'd like to include a family picture from the fall photo shoot we just had. which would you blow up to a 16 x 20 size? let me know your preference! (my husband thanks you for your assistance; i think he might be a tad bit tired of my questions/concerns/decorating issues)

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  1. I have to share my two cents - and this is a very difficult decision, but my favorite is #2 you have in order, followed by #1. Depending on what the frame does look like, I think the outdoor shot with the sun flare (#1) could look absolutely stunning, but alas, I don't know what the frame looks like and I LOVE #2.