Friday, October 14, 2011

here's what.

you know that segment on bravo's "watch what happens live" with andy cohen where andy recounts his observations on three things from the week? well, two can play that game.

here's what:

(1) "that's my jam" has to be one of the most annoying pop-culture phrases ever invented. not just because it makes me feel like my dad must've felt when we used to say "dude" or whatever it was that we used to say. one should only say "that's my jam" when someone else has first queried, "who owns this jar of jelly?"

(2) after you've been in a relationship for awhile, you might get a ring. apparently after you work with a law firm for awhile, you get an expensive button down and a swanky golf tee monogrammed with the firm's logo. these two shirts cost probably more than any of the suits i own, but they make my bosses happy, so i can rock them on fridays.

(3) in true "here's what" fashion, my final observation does relate to a bravo tv show, the real housewives of beverly hills (tied with HOTlanta for my favorite of all the housewives franchises). what is the deal with kim richards? seriously, is she on crystal meth? an alcoholic? an idiot? someone cracking under the pressure of public scrutiny and financial pressures? i don't know, but someone needs to clarify this for me right quick. in similar vein, could someone enlighten me with a little "what's the dealio" with the mother of teen mom's amber? what's with her constant mumbling (she's so inaudible her lines are sub-titled on the screen)? what's your vote: (a) stupid; (b) alcoholic; (c) drug-user or the ever-popular, oft-chosen (d) all of the above?

we are 8 days from fuegerfest, and i swear we've accomplished more projects and checked more off the 'ole to-do list in the past three weeks than in the previous 5 months. nothing like a little pressure to speed up progress! maybe once the dust settles, i'll share some hot mess before's and the new and improved after's on here. let's just say that previous owners of our home took a fair number of shortcuts. we've been working to remedy that flaw, as well as some of their other flaws (bad judgment in regards to dark, saturated paint and very public arguments in front of the entire neighborhood). i do have to hand it to my dear husband who, in a total "hail mary" i-can't-believe-he-actually-did-this picked out the perfect new mirror for our bathroom re-do. it was NOT something i would have considered whatsoever, but i am in love with the look... and it's all thanks to a guy's decorating perspective. who wouldda thunk it??? have a happy weekend, ya'all. i'm hoping for at least 48 straight hours of increased productivity. looking forward to celebrating with you all next saturday!

xo, steph


  1. Sister, your comments regarding our favorite RH's was so hilarious. Kim is a whacked out glue sniffer. That last episode was unreal! This post just solidifies for me that we need to live much closer. If we did I would be worried that all we would do is craft, down bottles of wine, and watch Bravo. If we could be at Fugerfest, we would be there with bells on. I can't wait to see all your project posts and the recap of the AMAZING weekend!!!!!!!

  2. melissa! DITTO to everything you said! we wouldn't get anything done if we lived closer, but we would have a grand time!!! i miss you guys and i hope you and sweet little wren are doing well! xoxo