Monday, September 26, 2011

sick, with child.

this weekend marked the first time i have been sick since having jack.

being sick after kids is infinitely worse than pre-mom sick.

it is like kids know when you are sick, and they rise to the occasion, feeling compelled to wake up four times in the night (even though they normally sleep through the night with no problems) just to giggle and laugh at you. it's like the cough medicine and other drugs you're ingesting somehow translate into lots more boisterous energy for them. and you know how you're like 27 million times more tired and run more ragged now that you're a mom? well, it's just that much harder to fight off sickness now. meaning that sickness descends like the plague upon you, and you settle in for what will be a miserable three, four or five day stint.

i love my son. i love that he is sharing things with me now. it is adorable when he hands me his pretend cell phone to share his "incoming calls."

all that aside, i do wish, however, that he had not decided to share the bug he caught last week from his little friends...

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