Monday, February 27, 2012


i realized when i shared the forty cent dresser knobs jack and i added to his dresser that it's been awhile since i've shared anything new about jack's room. and, i have been busy doing some tweaking in there. sidenote: check out urban dictionary's definition of tweaking. which, when you think about it, is remarkably similar to what i've been doing in there. you know, freaking out about the position of frames and art. worrying about whether white vs. brown frames are a better choice. obsessively rearranging and re-organizing storage bins and containers in the closet. contemplating and re-working and analyzing options for storing books. yes, totally tweaking.

while it isn't exciting or discernible from pictures, i did line jack's curtains with white block-out-every-tiny-bit-of-light panels. my little vampire can enjoy his cave in pure darkness now. i am totes jelly of his curtains, and need to finally make a decision on fabric for our bedroom so i can block out some light up in there...

and, peekaboo! the gallery wall for which i've been collecting art, prints and "stuff" is finally done... for the time being. and i can officially say that i. LOVE. it. if only i could create gallery walls all throughout the house. maybe i'd love each room that much more...

as is my tradition with gallery walls, there was a bit of drama on the way to getting it done. first, i hung it on the wall above the changing table. as in, i arranged all the frames, hemmed and hawed, then pounded the nails INTO THE WALL.

and then john and i watched a movie with ryan gosling. and i spent half the movie thinking that ryan gosling is pretty cute and the next half thinking that the gallery wall looked wrong above the little changing table. it needed to spread out on the wall above the dresser. so, i took it all down, and re-hung it. ahhh, wall gallery indecisiveness. nothing a little nail hole filler and some leftover paint can't fix. it looks about 7,000 times better on this wall. and there's so much more room for all these special pieces i collected. like this one...
which is a quote from one of my favorite avett brothers' songs.

and this one for my little iowan.

i am also super excited about the addition of the hooks since i can now showcase jack's expansive tie collection. is there anything cuter than miniature ties? that's doubtful. (ps. the ties are from here; SO cute and the perfect gift for the little men in your life)

ps. just for old time's sake: THIS is jack's original "gallery wall." pish posh... SO much better now...riiight?
(and yes, that heart garland was my attempt to valentine-ify jack's room - without the colors pink or red, which were forbidden by john)
the mirror that i painted green, hated, then painted blue has been relocated to the space above the changing table THAT WE NEVER USE. i know, i know. i should have listened to the veteran moms who told me not to buy a changing table because i'd never use it. i was into that, "oh, it's going to look so cute in his room with the matching crib" thing. and then i had to go buy the adorable changing pad cover from the land of nod, so everytime i think about getting rid of this unused piece, i'm all like THAT COVER IS SO ADORABLE. IT MUST STAY RIGHT. HERE. i suppose it does provide some function since we have toys and books stored in the bins underneath. but anyway - to make a long story short, my next mission is to replace this table with something a little more functional for his room.

one of my favorite additions to the room is this DOUBLE ENTENDRE above the glider rocker. a little towhead with a guitar that bears the caption "rock on." oh, and you know i got totally OCD about having a dark frame next door to the white frame gallery wall. i chewed off a few nails during my analysis, but ultimately concluded that the print looked so much better with the dark frame.

i got some free zulily credits (thanks for shopping, friends!) and added a little humidifier to jack's room. he loves the cow. almost too much, and we i live in a state of mild fear and paranoia that he might try to knock it over. until disaster strikes, though... how cute is that cow?!

along time ago, i pinned THIS idea for book storage for jack's room. apparently, so did everyone and their mother because on a trip to ikea a few months ago, i was told they were sold out of the spice racks and there was no telling when they'd be back in stock. i waited a few months, and with no chance of re-stocking on the horizon, i began brainstorming new & cheap game plans for this unused wall space.

i loved this option from the land of nod, which is no surprise because i love pretty much every thing made by the land of nod, including their quirky item names. it was just a wee bit more than i wanted to spend.

also, loved these options from pottery barn kids.

i was at ikea this weekend and picked up these photo ledges (below). they are PERFECT for displaying jack's favorite books. since he can see more books, he's more apt to change it up a little instead of requesting that we read the same 3 books exhaustively for a 2 or 3 week period of time. plus, i love open book storage. so cute!

jack, demonstrating how to use his new reading nook

so, that's what's been going on in jack's room lately... any tweaking going on at your houses?


  1. Ahhhh...I love the book shelves! So funny. I made Kevin watch multiple tutorials Sunday on making frame ledges for the twins' room. I think I convinced him that we can do it since I bought him that circular saw:) I guess I should quit being surprised when we have similar ideas. LOVE the room! GREAT gallery wall.

    1. I wish we could have tried to make them ourselves because it was DEFINITELY an adventure to wrangle Jack at IKEA without John... we had some lunch there, and I was balancing a tray and pushing his strollers, and a sweet old lady came up behind me. I thought she was going to offer to carry my tray or something, but she said, "Can you let me past you? You're moving kind of slow." SERIOUSLY, lady?! Haha. But all's well that ends well, and Jack loves seeing all his books on display.

  2. OH you amaze me every time with all of your beautiful redo's!!!

    1. Thanks... but remember: I only show the cute stuff. Haha. Miss you lady! When are we getting together again???