Wednesday, February 8, 2012


if you haven't heard of the avett brothers, then i think you should stop reading this, make your way over to pandora and take a listen. because they're awesome. i've been listening to them for a few years now, and i love basically every single song i've ever heard, with some clear favorites, of course. i have a special place in my heart for their emotionalism album which i listened to A LOT when i was pregnant with jack.

it seems only fitting that my favorite album of one of my favorite bands would be titled emotionalism. because i'm pretty emotional, as you might either know from experience or have gathered from reading this blog. my friends would definitely describe me as a "hugger," who melts at the sight of tiny babies, newborn puppies and other adorable miniatures. i cry easily upon watching extreme makeover: home edition or listening to sarah mclachlan songs. i've been known to get all choked up reading quotes i find on pinterest. and i'm a definite sucker for sappy love stories. (not cheesy love stories that leave you wondering, DUDE... is that guy for real? but real life persevering through struggles to find joy and happiness love stories). sometimes i have to look away when i encounter a sweet old grandma or a kindly gentleman at the grocery store or the bank because it reminds me of my grandparents and missing them and thinking that they won't be around forever... and i feel tears welling up.

while i could try to blame being emotional on having had a baby, that's not exactly fair. i was like this before jack, though i will admit that it's become distinctively more prevalent postpartum. it is what it is.

and it was taken to new levels today when i met my husband and son for a quick lunch at red robin. we were waiting for our food to arrive when john held a cup out for jack and JACK USED A STRAW TO DRINK MILK. like a real person. like he was just some guy out to lunch, sipping on a cool beverage. all nonchalant like.

so naturally, i started getting all misty.

does this happen to other people? do you cry over the fact that your baby is NOT spilling milk? do you stop and ponder how exactly they went from being attached to your boob to independent little beings? "he doesn't need me anymore!" i complained to john the other day. which is obviously not just something a hyper-emotional person would say, but also something an irrational and melodramatic person said. of course, jack needs me. who would help him cook his favorite cheese, lettuce and tomato stew? and who would painstakingly draw stick figures in washable bath paints on the side of the tub? and who, pray tell, would make up elaborate stories in an attempt to keep him calm while waiting in line at the grocery store? yes, yes, jack still needs me and i know that's true. but there's no denying that he's getting older and bigger and more self-sufficient.

PEOPLE - he's drinking out of a straw now. (excuse me while i go cry into my coffee.)

what do the rest of you do when faced with the inevitable aging of your wee ones?
(sniffle, sniffle)

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