Friday, February 10, 2012

playing with your food.

i like to tell people that i cloth diaper because i'm an eco-minded, green-thinking tree hugger. mhmmm. and that wouldn't be a complete lie because i like the earth, i like trees and i once won 1st place in a poster contest sponsored by some regional conservation district where my tagline was "crop rotation prevents soil migration." that tagline was worth $10 in 4th grade, but if you ask me, the folks at the conservation district were a bit stingy in rewarding *GENIUS* poster taglines. that's another story for another day.

today's story is about how cloth diapering makes it possible for me to waste money in many other unnecessary ways to buy things i otherwise wouldn't be able to afford.

like this...

i could pretend that i bought this for jack for valentine's day or that i got an early start on putting together his easter basket, but in the interest of full disclosure, let's just say that i am VERY MUCH looking forward to playing with my food.

stay tuned for some creative renderings as soon as this baby arrives on my doorstep.
this post was sponsored by CLOTH DIAPERING.

ps. to clear up any confusion, i wanted to let everyone know that yesterday, around 10:30 p.m., my husband joined facebook. this was not in response to any prompting from me. in fact, i was seated across the room, on the couch, engrossed in teen mom, righteously indignantly yelling at leah for cheating on corey. next thing i know, john is giggling evilly and saying, "i joined facebook." i couldn't believe it either.

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  1. Haha! Yes! Have fun! Also, spaghetti makes FANTASTIC hair.