Monday, February 6, 2012

M is for mustache.

i know mustaches being funny is like so five years ago. i get it. i'm behind the times.

but i still think they're funny. (see above)

i've often said that i can't get a tattoo because i don't like anything enough to permanently put it on my body... buuuuut if someone forced me to do it, i think i'd get a tiny little mustache on one of my fingers. an elegant kind that curls at each end and says, "i'm very proper and important, and i sip scotch." you know. one of those kinds of mustaches.

so anyway, on a related note, two out of my three brothers have february birthdays. add birthdays to my love of mustaches and you get the following:

while i made these glasses, jack whipped up a devine concoction of carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese.

he cooks better with one sock off.

he let me sample his creation, but not until he'd made sure it passed the ole taste test.

i reaaaaallly wanted to do a mustache party for jack's birthday, but then we sort of merged the big day into fuegerfest. i regret not planning a party all around that little line of hair that grows above the upper lip. maybe for his 2nd birthday? maybe a for-no-reason-at-all-mustache party? i'm totally planning this. starting NOW! who's in???


  1. I would consider attending a mustache party, and by consider, I mean definitely!

  2. I will plan it. As in, I will actually do it, not create a Facebook message about it and forget it for months and months :)

  3. I'm super curious about what supplies you bought for this mustache party....

  4. Ah, now I get the facebook message about the moustache party, ha!