Wednesday, March 6, 2013


me:  are you crabby?  i feel like you're not listening very well today.
jack:  (proudly) that's right, mom!  i'm NOT hearing you and i'm NOT listening today!

while making banana bread, using the electric mixer, owen lets out a tiny meow...
jack: MOM!  please turn off this!  it's too loud and owen hates it!

jack: there's only one thing we can do!  we have to smash it!  (about a toy truck that was broken)

me: would you like yogurt or applesauce?
jack: umm, no thanks.  he will have a cookie.  (we're big on talking in third person around here)

owen grunts a little...
jack: i'm sorry, owie! you have to be quiet.  be a good boy now.

after his super reader show ends...
jack: i want more super readers, mom.  can you get me some more?
me:  it's over.  i can't turn it on... i don't make the schedule.
jack: (encouraging) you can do it, mom!  just try!  excellent work!

after his nap, i discover him cuddling up in my bed...
me: what are you doing in here, jack?  are you still sleepy?
jack: SSSSHH!  quiet down, mom.  he's still waking up.

i purchased a bag of jelly beans to reward my little grocery shopping sidekick for good behavior.
grocery store clerk: what a good helper!  are you going to help your mom with these groceries?
jack: ummm, no thanks!  i will sit here and eat jumping beans.  (he calls jelly beans "jumping beans.")


  1. Oh my goodness. This is so cute. Just adorable. I I've the jumping beans story and I love that he talks in the third person.