Tuesday, March 12, 2013

more jack-isms.

on increasing morale...
me, to john:  i'm crabby today.  i need to get out of this house.
jack: we can go to cherry berry (frozen yogurt place), mom, and you will feel ALL better!
... and we did!

preparing to take owen to his doctor's appointment...
me: i'm going to take owen to the doctor and you're going to stay and have fun with daddy.
jack: can i go, too?
me: not today.
(jack leaves the room, and comes back a few minutes later)
jack: (holding out his finger) i got an ouchie on my finger, so i have to go to the doctor, too.

owen is upstairs napping...
jack: did you forget owen, mom?
me: no, he's upstairs sleeping.
jack: don't lose owen, mom.  go get him!

inspecting a knick in our bookshelf...
john: jack, did you do that?
jack: yes, he did.  he bashed it.
me: do you know what happened to the piece?
jack: i need my glasses.  i can't find it.

jack and i were in a minor (thank goodness!) car accident on the way home from target.  we were rear-ended.  after the ordeal, we headed home to tell daddy what happened.
(as i'm unbuckling him from his car seat) jack: i'm going to tell daddy about the big bam!  this is going to be really exciting! (as he enters the house) daddy?  daddy?  where are you?  a man hit mommy's car.  there was a big boom, and the car is SMASHED!  call the police, daddy!  (he proceeds to "call" all our relatives using a red block, to share the news)

at target, we're searching for "short" yoga pants.
me: i don't think they have them, jack.  mommy can't find them.
jack: don't cry, mom.  cheer up.  we will find them.  i promise you.

owen is grunting.
jack: he is trying to poop, mommy.  owen will feel better if he toots!

stay tuned for the next edition of things-i-think-are-funny-because-my-offspring-said-them!

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  1. Please continue sharing these Jackisms. They truly make me smile.

    Glad you guys were okay after the fender bender. Scary.