Thursday, February 21, 2013


Me: "Please don't touch that... those are Uncle Chris's supplies for his job fair.  Uncle Chris is trying to find a new job."

Jack: "I need a job!  I need a job!"

Yes, sir, kiddo!  Start pulling your weight around here, geeeeeesh!  What have you been doing for the last 2 1/2 years anyway!?   Haha.


Upon me walking into his bedroom to read some books to Jack before naptime:

Jack: "Where is Owen?"

Me:  "He's downstairs, taking a nap."

Jack: exasperated  "Get my brother!  I need him!  Don't leave him downstairs, Mom.  That is NOT a good idea."

Jack, after passing a little gas: "Did you fart, Mom?"

Me: "No, I did not.  I think you did."

Jack: "I think Owen did."

We've only just begun with the sibling scapegoat, I'm thinking!

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