Sunday, January 6, 2013

on battling the post-holiday blues.

this is the soonest i have ever taken down my christmas decor (jan. 4) and the most emotionally stable i have ever felt while doing so.  and did i mention that i'm also very pregnant?!  this is no small feat... but i suppose it has something to do with thinking ahead to all of the other fun things that will be happening around here in the coming weeks.

jack and i started on the first of our "before the little brother comes" adventures.  we started friday night off right (on daddy's suggestion) with a trip to cherry berry - this frozen yogurt place where you add toppings galore and gorge to your heart's content.  jack had already been there with daddy and his friends, so he was very helpful in explaining how to navigate the process and which flavors to try.  after successfully filling ourselves with a healthy amount of frozen yogurt, we all made the trek to joann fabrics where jack was to pick out some new fabric for two special projects.

i needed to make some more cloth diaper wipes since soon enough there will be another bum to change, clean, wipe, etc. around here, and here are jack's final selections for flannel fabric choices:


very two-year old boy appropriate, right?  next on the agenda was to choose some fabric for a new apron so he could help make some freezer meals in the coming weeks.  

he picked the fabric, which was a very intense process that involved touching every single home decor fabric option and explaining to everyone that walked near us that we were making an apron.  after approximately 43 minutes in the store, we left with our selections, and now jack has this apron to assist in our culinary pursuits.

 putting the new apron to the test

 helping make our favorite new breakfast recipe 
(a GREAT option for little helpers... what 2 year old hell bent on mass destruction can't get behind tearing up a loaf of bread?!)

 and... the final product.  i'm telling you - this recipe is heavenly.  jack describes it as "breakfast cake" - doesn't that tickle your taste buds?!

hope you're having a great weekend - after a day of getting busy with my sewing machine, i found myself back in a familiar mindset - i should open an etsy shop and quit my day job!  i could be creative 24 hours a day, sip coffee and sew while watching old "wire" episodes on dvd....  lest those feelings overpower me - we are on our way to the grocery store to run errands and do other reality-based tasks.  have a wonderful sunday!

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  1. How fun is this? I'm so excited to see all your fun activities and glad you are enjoying these times with your cute little guy. And now I want French toast.