Sunday, January 13, 2013

there's no buddy...

i am sitting here, sipping on some hot chocolate and listening to crooked still.  for one of the first times throughout the past 8+ months, i feel very pregnant.  not heavy.  not sore.  not achy.  i just feel a very strong sense of being with child if that makes any sort of sense.  which it probably doesn't.  i find myself waxing philosophical when the house is quiet and i am listening to music and thinking too much about anything and everything.

this is the first weekend in a very long time that i had no real agenda, no rigid to-do list of work projects that needed to be completed, no sewing projects begging to be completed, and no housework that can't wait until later this week or even next weekend.  of course yesterday began earlier than it needed to... i mean, why wouldn't jack wake up an hour earlier than normal on the one day i could sleep in?! (he and his sideKICK (emphasis on the KICK) both had the same idea, i suppose, since little man was jabbing me in my ribs ferociously from about 5 a.m. on... )  anyway, i knew that we could head off any impending crabbiness from waking up a little too early with a mommy-son date to donut boy, our local fried dough establishment.  i wish i could bottle up these precious little moments with him.  he is so fun and full of life and he really enjoys our adventures together.  yesterday, when i was in line to get the donuts, he was sitting at a table, calling to me, "hi mom!  don't worry!  i'm sitting.  no screaming, no yelling, just donuts!  sprinkles, please.  thanks, mom!"  we were sitting there enjoying our breakfast when he randomly kissed my cheek and said, "i love you, mom!  we're having fun!"  if i hadn't been in a room full of strangers, i might have cried.  these are the moments worth living for - fleeting, precious, perfect.  of course, later in the day, i always let myself reflect on how many more spontaneous kisses i will receive on the cheek before i will be the annoying mom who jack can't wait to avoid... and i should stop doing that and just appreciate the wonderful moments for what they are.

speaking of precious moments, my sister and nephew were in town this week, and is THIS not one of the more precious moments you've seen captured on film?!

 i just melt at the sight of little babies clasping their hands.  i also melt at the sight of jack being tender and sweet with his little cousin.  he was SO attentive and gentle with baby petey.  showing him all his toys, finding "soft" toys to share and telling him stories to calm him when he fussed.  in fact, he wanted to bring petey in his bed to sleep, but i think we're at least a few months away from cousin sleepovers (can't wait for that, though!)

since we had no real agenda this weekend, we decided to tackle a fun "baby brother is coming soon" project envelope... an art project for the gallery wall in the boys' shared room.  (wow, that was weird... to say "boys' room" and realize that soon - there will be children - multiple - sharing that space)  anyway, i let jack paint a canvas after i had put a quote down with stickers.  when he was finished, i peeled the stickers back to reveal jack's new masterpiece!

 "mom, it says g, b, h, x marks the spot!" - jack
 paintshirt throwback to the alma mater, held in place by a classy hair tie

 "this paint looks like blood, mom!  (pause) it's NOT blood, mom!  it's paint!" - jack

 the finished product.

 the masterpiece on the gallery wall.  as jack said - "this is for baby brother.  he might love it!"  
we can only hope!

we're one step closer to being ready to welcome baby brother!


  1. There are so many things I love about this art. That the big brother had a hand in it as at the top of the list. But I also low the quote and the fact that it still looks polished. Awesome art wall, too.

  2. Very nice, thanks for the idea!

  3. I found this on a Google search and I love it! I might do it with the kids I babysit for their new brother. Thanks for sharing!