Thursday, January 3, 2013

countdown to baby.

well, i'm officially in the throes of the third trimester. sleeping is difficult, there's no room in my stomach for food and i'm making insane "lists" of things that NEED to be accomplished before the little guy makes his entrance.  you know that point when you look down at your to-do list and it seems so lengthy and daunting that you can't even begin one task?  that's where i'm at.  so - i'm just going to ignore most of the "you have to's" and "don't forget about's" and "make sure to's" and focus instead on this completely unnecessary BEFORE BABY ADVENTURES CALENDAR i made with my new cricut cartridge (one of john's very thoughtful xmas gifts!)

yes, i know - making intricate little envelopes with tiny icons on them was not necessary nor a particularly productive use of my time, but it does, on the other hand, tie in with my main goal for the next few weeks - concentrate on making this a fun and exciting time for jack, as he prepares to be a big brother.  john and i have had 8+ months to get used to the idea of welcoming a new addition into our family, but only recently has jack really seemed to understand the concept.  i really want to focus on making this a smooth transition and, to that end, i made eight little envelopes with ideas/adventures/tasks for us to complete prior to the arrival of little baby brother.  jack so enjoyed the advent calendar activities that i thought this might be a great idea to help with the changes that lie ahead.

so... i'll be sharing the fun right here as we check off the days that remain before the ole due date.  and lest you think that i'm REALLY overdoing it with these ADORABLE little envelopes - please note: i have a sink full of dirty dishes, a messy bathroom, unfolded laundry and a pile of bills that need to be paid.  and paper making supplies strewn all over my living room.  PRIORITIES, people!

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