Monday, October 15, 2012

on Pinterest-induced feelings of inadequacy.

it's not just Pinterest's fault.  (and you guys know i have fervent love for all things Pinterest) maybe it's your neighbor's expertly manicured lawn.  or your co-worker's perfectly pulled-together work attire.  or your friend's stylishly decorated house.  any number of things can make you doubt yourself and feel like you're not good enough, smart enough, crafty enough, ENOUGH ENOUGH and pretty soon you're on a spiral downward that ends in eating a bunch of moose tracks ice cream on the couch while watching the real housewives of some fair city battle it out (or you could just do this anyway, which is my general approach, whether i'm feeling inadequate or not).  i try not to fall victim to this vicious cycle, and most of the time, i am somewhat successful at this endeavor.  i remind myself periodically (usually when pinning some picture-perfect-every-hair-in-place family photo for "inspiration" on Pinterest) that there's always a back story, and today, i'm here to share that back story with you.

first, allow me to post some Pinterest-inspired gender reveal photos.  (yes, i know this is somewhat cheesy.  i realize that it is a completely inorganic way to reveal the gender of our child to the world... i mean, what? you don't just find yourself in a field at sunset with an antique trunk and a burlap banner that says "it's a boy?!")

the reason i'm sharing these photos is because i'm also going to share the rest of the story.  which is that I WAS FREEZING COLD and STARVING throughout this entire photo shoot.  in fact, i stole some of the fruit snacks i brought to appease jack.  i also wavered between wondering if i would ever feel warm again and having some serious anxiety about the fact that my roots needed to be touched up.  i silently cursed myself for always waiting until the last minute to book hair appointments.  jack was not having any part of this photo shoot business.  he kept running toward traffic that was slowing to gawk at the sight of people shooting photos in a field outside of town.  jack also had several mini meltdowns when asked to cooperate in any fashion.  john and i were losing patience, as we both thought about the money we were spending to capture this perfect moment.  paying to photograph our son's bad behavior just seemed like an exercise in futility.  after all, i can document tantrums pretty effectively at home without spending a dime! 

anyway, the point is: (1) we're having a boy! and (2) this is a PSA to always remember that no matter how perfect a photo shoot may look on your Pinterest board or in someone's Christmas card, there's always a back story.  and it's probably a lot more interesting than the photo.

keepin' it real,



  1. I love this post. Love, love, LOVE! Congrats on another boy!

  2. These still turned out really cute and your family is insanely adorable. Oh, and I'm thrilled for you and that little boy in there. Why does Pinterest do this to us? Unrealistic expectations.

    An you know someone is pinning this somewhere. Right now. As an example of how perfect they want their own images to be. And that the person won't actually read the copy because no one actually reads anymore. ;)