Tuesday, October 9, 2012

fuegerfest recap.

well, another fuegerfest has come and gone.  i have to say it really is one of my favorite events of the year.  i love the build-up, the anticipation, the planning, the execution... and then the best part, greeting all our friends and family as they arrive to celebrate!  of course, not everything goes exactly according to plan and this year, the weather could have been a tad bit more cooperative.  despite record high temperatures for the past few months, mother nature decided to throw a curve ball with some chilly weather.  at least the combination of alcohol, hot cider and "german cheer" kept everyone warm (i think?!)

every year we have to add a little something to keep the party fresh.  this year, a real live german musician,

hammerschlagen (the german striking hammer game), 

and DAS BOOT were all new hits!

the party gets easier and easier every year as i learn better ways to prepare for the festivities.  can you believe that the past three years i spent HOURS upon HOURS chopping onions for the various german recipes, and only this year did it click that i own a frickin' food processor that could eliminate that unnecessary carpal tunnel?  

ladies enjoying the festivities

german lads

my little schnitzel

some other party details:
 the fueger biergarten, 2012

thank you for celebrating another fuegerfest with us!  and before i leave, let me share two things with you:
the first is my favorite fuegerfest dessert recipe: apple strudel cheesecake.  you can find the recipe here.  it's AMAZING and would be a great addition not only to your oktoberfest party, but your thanksgiving table as well.

the second: a gratuitous picture of the wee one in utero:

isn't that profile just the cutest?!  it's really starting to feel real to me now.  only took about 5 months, right?!

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  1. Love the picnic tables! Sad we missed Fuegerfest!!!