Thursday, June 16, 2011

on splitting the difference.

did you know that you could buy a box spring that was split in two?

i actually did.  well, i knew that generally king sized box springs were actually two twin box springs, but i did not know of split queen box springs.

now i do.

one thing i alternately love and hate about our new house is that is a 1 1/2 story house, meaning that the upstairs is enclosed with the roof.  while this adds delightful character to the bedrooms (a plus), it also means that there are some tricky space issues that really impact our ability to move and arrange our furniture.  we've been sleeping in one of the downstairs bedrooms for the past almost two months as we slowly paint and ready the upstairs bedrooms. jack's room has been painted for a month now, but we just got around to attacking our bedroom.  there were intense color negotiations, and then the business of taping, priming, painting, but as of yesterday, our bedroom was calling out for furniture and happy owners to sleep contently in it.  after arriving home from work (yes, at 8:30 p.m.) i decided to start moving everything upstairs.  around 10 p.m. came the realization that our box spring was not getting up the damn stairs.

at first i thought john and my brothers were just joshing with me because they had only agreed to help during a break from watching game 7 of the stanley cup, and i figured they were looking to ditch their manly responsibilities.  i surveyed the scene and decided that, indeed, that box spring was not malleable and it was not getting up the damn stairs.  we had two alternatives.  remove some hallway ceiling plaster or admit defeat. neither was a great option.  i decided to move this pity party out to the backyard, where i took solace in staring at my flourishing garden from the comfort of our new adirondack chairs.  it was here that i lamented to anyone who would listen (jack, my sister and my brother's girlfriend) that i was ready to set the house ablaze. ok, i'm nothing if not a tad dramatic under stress.  or duress, as the case may be.

someone may have suggested moving the full size spare bed upstairs.  well, damnit, i wasn't going to settle for that option.  hell no.  i wanted my comfy queen bed upstairs, and i wanted to sleep in it tonight.  after a temper tantrum in which i totally pulled a carrie bradshaw style "whaaaaattttt are we goonnnnnnaaaa dooooo???" google informed my husband of the existence of split queen box springs.  husband gently passed along the information.

new dilemma. will a store sell a box spring sans mattress?  i totally wasn't intending to buy a new set right now, but it is what it is, and according to the book i'm currently reading (ahem, trying to internalize) good enough is the new perfect.  tomorrow i shall embark on an adventure of calling local mattress outlets to determine the answer to my query.  tonight, however, i will bask in the small victory of having convinced my husband that it was absolutely necessary to get that queen sized mattress up the stairs.

goodnight. gonna go sleep on my mattress on the floor.

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