Monday, September 13, 2010

on lounge pants and crying at the chinese buffet.

i hope i can say this without jinxing anything, but it's officially "lounge pants" weather, right?  some people anxiously await football season, some just call it "fall," and around here, it's lounge pants time.  for as long as i've known my husband, he seems to be most content in what he refers to as "lounge pants."  to be honest, before we started dating, i'd refer to these things as pajama pants or sweatpants, but john loves his lounge pants and the moniker stuck. 

now while i fully support my lounge pants-wearing husband, i generally prefer to be a little more pulled together during out-in-public forays.  unless i'm hungover (which i'm not & haven't been for a while, ya'all) or out of town, i usually opt for a nice pair of jeans and a hoodie for my girl about town errand days.  i have this nagging worry that i'll bump into a client or a co-worker while out, and then, no matter how competent and professional i want to appear later, they'll always just seem me as missus lounge pants. 

well, the above used to be true.  i happened upon a lovely pair of maternity lounge pants, and if i thought i could get away with it, i think i'd wear them to the office.  (with a blazer, of course!)  we are in brand new territory, folks.  on saturday night, we had dinner with some friends at what i would consider the most upscale of the mexican restaurants in our town.  now granted, the place boasts a menu of entrees that cost approximately $10, so it's not exactly 5 star, but it's certainly not on the level of some of my old mexican haunts from college.  anyway, i put on lounge pants for said excusion and never thought twice.  it didn't occur to me until the next day that i had attended a "social event" while wearing lounge pants.  is this the same as grocery shopping with my hair in curlers?  because that might be where i'm headed next.  (ok, not actually, since i don't wear my hair in curlers, but some faux pax equivalent is probably on the horizon.)  maybe this doesn't seem like that big of a deal to anyone, and maybe it's not.  before i got pregnant, and in the beginning stages of the first trimester, i set a lot of "goals" for myself.  "i'm never going to..." and "i absolutely won't..." or "of course, i'll still..."  and it's sort of funny how differently i feel now.  wearing lounge pants to a mexican restaurant isn't the end of the world.  just don't tell my former self. (or stacey london, for that matter).  rules?  well, they're meant to be broken.  and all i can say as we move further into trimester three, is that you have to be flexible. 

...and more new territory... crying. all. the. time.  for. any. reason. whatsoever.  or for no reason at all.  last night a few things happened.  i decided that i was tired of pretending my feet were exactly the same size as they've been for the past 10 or so years of my life, and john and i made the trek to target to see if i could find some plain black pumps in 1/2 size larger.  i don't know if it was the brewing storm, the salty mexican food the night before or what-have-you, but every shoe i was trying on, in every size was cramping my pinky toes and making me feel crazy.  i tried a shoe with a more rounded edge, which i thought might work better as compared to my preferred pointy toe style, and i tried on a 7.  (i usually wear a 6.5).  no dice.  i grabbed a 7.5; it felt just as tight.  the 8 was uncomfortable, too.  at that point, i started to feel like i was going to cry.  i was uncomfortable, there were shoes randomly scattered all around the aisle (not from me, from previous messy shoppers... and i HATE trying to shop amidst chaos), and i was trying to convince myself that a hideous shoe wasn't so bad so i could proceed to buy it and wear it every day for the next 2ish months.  all of the sudden i felt overwhelmed, and thank god john was there to talk me back from the ledge.  he suggested we check out video cameras (since he is insisting we need one to document the arrival and milestones of the little one).  after a jaunt around the electronics section, we promptly left and john convinced me that what everyone (he, me and little fetus) needed was some chinese buffet.  at this point, i am powerless to fight him on anything so we head over to asian king buffet (which john informs me is a misnomer as there are no kings in asia, only emperors).  we're having a lovely little dinner, when all of the sudden i start thinking about my beloved family and friends and how nice the weekend had been (my sisters hosted my baby shower, and man, was i showered!  the overwhelming outpouring of love & support from my loved ones is still mind-boggling), and proceed to start crying at the buffet.  of course john thinks this is because i didn't really want to go out to dinner, so he's apologizing and asking what's wrong and telling me he's sorry and that we can leave.  i'm half laughing, half crying now, and the whole scene is just getting more and more ridiculous.  and in between laughter and tears (which probably sounded really horrible to the other restaurant patrons; sorry, guys!), i'm explaining to john that we've hit a new pregnancy milestone: crying at the chinese buffet. 
so there you have them.  my personal pregnancy milestones.  lest you think i'm not exuberantly awaiting the arrival of our little peanut: i assure you... (just like in saved by the bell) we're so excited, we're so excited, we're. so. scared.  haha.  in the midst of all these weird changes and uncomfortable moments, there are amazing times where i am awed by the furious kicking of this tiny little person, by fleeting images of holding my son (in about 2 months, or less!) and many upcoming visions of the memories i'll create with my new little family.  i would be completely fake & off base, though, if i neglected to mention these other milestones (see above).  in the interest of being completely honest, there you have 'em...

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  1. Hilarious post!! I wore the equivalent to summer lounge pants everyday of my pregnancy. Those palazo looking cropped cotton Capri pants with a tank. That was my everyday/every night look. I too would have worn them to the office if I could have gotten away with it. Let me be the 1 millionth person to tell you that once he is here it will all be worth it!! You are going to love this!!!