Monday, August 23, 2010

ring around the rosey... UPDATE

in case you've all been sitting on pins and needles since my last post, i figured i'd share the joyous news: i have successfully removed my wedding ring.  it, and my finger, are both intact, though the latter seems a little worse for the wear.  thanks to a lot of dish soap and a little help from gravity, i can now breathe a bit easier.  however, a new dilemma has surfaced.  i am constantly reminded (by waitresses, courthouse clerks, grocery market tellers) that i look approximately 15-20 years old.  at this point in my life (in my third trimester, looking very obviously prego), it would be nice to be able to wear my wedding ring and band as a security blanket that proclaims my real age and "adulthood" to all wandering & judging eyes.  (i mean, i don't necessarily need them thinking the mtv cameras are waiting around the next corner as we film the latest scene from "16 & pregnant.")  but after the rigamarole experienced getting the ring off, i don't think it's wise to attempt to wear them again at least until we're officially on to cooler weather.  i told john our mission tonight is to find a very cheap band in a larger size that i can wear for the duration.  he laughed and asked if this counted as one of my birthday week gifts.  (yes, i get a whole week!)  "yes, that's right, dear.  for my birthday, i'd like the cheapest piece of jewelry you can find that will accomodate my pregnant, sausage-like fingers."  now that, my friends, is what true love & romance is all about!  


  1. ahhh!!!! So happy!! I have been ringless for several months now. The PA at my dermatologist suggested that my "boyfriend" wipe my car down for me when I had poison sumac. Nice....

  2. thank you! it was a glorious moment!