Monday, August 2, 2010

here's where she meets prince charming.... but she won't discover that it's him... til chapter 3!

you know that scene from disney's beauty and the beast where belle discovers the library in the castle?  there are hundreds of thousands of millions of books, and she's overcome with the wonder of having so many treasures right at her fingertips.  well, i totally get that. 

[well, i totally got that before law school came and took the pleasure out of reading.]

anyway, i've always loved to read, and growing up, my christmas wish list was a long list of books i was dying to break into versus hot new toys.  in preparing for the birth of the little bean, john and i have been discussing must-reads to add to our future son's library.  we've had some good laughs remembering our favorites from childhood (john's "elephant and the bad baby" circa 1968 is a must-read, folks!).  we've (okay, i've) also shed a few tears following some of these sessions (can anyone make it through "love you forever" without crying?) 

admittedly, it's been a few years since i've really delved into the world of children's literature.  classics like those wonderfully illustrated jan brett books and shel silverstein gems are on my mind, but i'm thinking that there are probably a lot of really great kid's books out there of which i know nothing.  i'm totally taking a page from my dad's book (pun intended) on this one.  my dad always opened his checkbook for book purchases.  whenever there were book orders or book fairs or any other book-what-have-you's, dad was a big supporter in letting us buy to our hearts' desires.  he thought reading was important, and i am so grateful to him and my mom for this philosophy.  it's something i want to pass on to my little one, too.  however, i'm hitting a roadblock since over the past few years, i've spent any free time (not poring over legal texts) reading about serial killers, new orleans and mobsters.  so... i'm asking for your help.  what childhood books do you remember/love?  what new books are shaking up the kid's literature scene these days?  what books are must-haves for baby bean's soon-to-be expanding library???  lay it on me -- my new amazon credit card is just waiting to be put to good use!

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  1. I had a beloved book called "Rachel's rainbow"...wonder why I liked it so much, hehe. Other than that, I always just loved The Three Little Pigs book, and the Berenstein Bears...although I suppose that's a bit of a school-age thing. Jason loved Polar Express and Where the Wild Things Are.