Wednesday, August 4, 2010

paranoia, paranoia, everybody's coming to get ya...

on monday night, i ran over to jc penney on a whim.  i had had a store credit card from there for like, months and months and months, and in the process of cleaning out my purse/wallet, i found it.  i thought maybe, just maybe they might have a few maternity options i could waste the credit on... and it turned out, i was right.  my local jcp was having a major clearance on maternity stuff, and even better, i found some options that were both professional and didn't immediately make me want to vomit.  i found a very cute blue top that had only the slight markings of a maternity shirt and actually looked like something i'd wear pre-pregnancy.  i was ecstatic.

on tuesday, i bounded out of bed, exuberant and excited about the new blue shirt.  (ok, that's a lie.  tuesday was actually the first and only time since my debut into the real world that i turned off my alarm and "overslept" until 7:15 a.m.)  but anyway, i got up, put the blue shirt on, and proceeded to the office.

i returned home for lunch, and while sharing the midday meal with my husband, he remarked, "oh, hey, i like your shirt.  it looks nice on you."  i was immediately suspicious.
"what's wrong with it?" i quizzed him.  "i actually liked this shirt and thought it was nice.  do i look ridiculous?"
"umm, no.  i said, i like it.  it's nice!"  he replied, obviously exasperated.
"why would you say that to me?!?" i moaned.  "now i'm going to be worrying about this for the rest of the day."

upon further reflection over this exchange, i have realized that yes, i am ridiculous.  why is it that we (or at least me) are so hesitant to accept a genuine compliment, but are so quick to believe every negative review of ourselves?  dude, my husband liked the blue shirt.  later, he said it matched my eyes.  he was being sweet.  i was being a paranoid, pregnant you-know-what.

anyway, here's to compliments.  if someone gives one, take it... no strings attached!  happy wednesday, ya'all!

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