Monday, March 8, 2010

we always called each other goodfellas.

i have a not-so-secret obsession with gangster/mob movies. there's something about a big italian family eating meatballs and marinara while the men whisper about murders and money that seems so glamourous to me. goodfellas was on the tele while i was working on some crafts up in my office/craft room. (it's really like 22% office, 78% craft room.) it was sort of interesting that this movie full of men with filthy mouths, vile tempers and scandalous affairs was playing while i was working with the most beautiful fabrics. ahhhh, the irony!

well, the movie ended and so did my latest project. i have been PINING after anything floral recently. my most recent cyber window shopping jaunts have left me drooling over embellished cardigans (but you already knew that!), delicate necklaces and brooches and lovely little in-betweens.

(photo credit to the devilish photogs at ATL. somehow they have a knack for capturing these clothes so as to make me want. every. damn. thing. on. the. site. ps. i am currently jonesin' for the cardigan shown as well. and i am in the process of locating the perfect type of fray resistant chiffon or silk so i can make that, too.)

i was checking out some of my latest favorites at the loft (see above) when i decided i would try to create my own flower belt.

i headed to joann fabrics. (and yes, they know me by name there.) i happened upon some lovely shimmery silk and decided on some coordinating tulle. some velcro and ribbon and i was off to re-create.

i feel sad that my camera is so crappy because i. am. in. love. with. my. new. flower. belt. the petals are delicate and beautiful and everything i wanted them to be. i am not putting too much stock in the following, but i was pretty excited when my husband asked where i bought the flower belt. because, as he reminded me, "you have way too much flower crap already." duly noted.

ahhh, but it is love. this silky material was so fun to work with, and i love the depth added by the layers of tulle. i only wish you could see the flower in person because it truly is wonderful. it is a bit too much for work, though, no? i mean, i have lots of fabulous flower pins that i add to cardigans and suit jackets for that extra oomph at the office. but a flower belt? might be a little too avant garde for iowa.

tres jolie! if i do say so myself. (if you're particularly interested in the step-by-step, feel free to ask. it's SUPER easy and the supplies are SUPER cheap.)

... and now another delicious thing for your waist. or waistline, i should say. yesterday happened to be a dreary, foggy sunday morning, and when i woke up, about the only thing i had any interest in doing was snuggling in my fluffy pink bathrobe and sipping on a hot mug of coffee. it turns out that my laziness/forgetfulness led me straight to a road labeled "no coffee creamer." i just couldn't bring myself to think about getting dressed. in real clothes. i contemplated the appropriateness of running to the nearest grocery store in my bathrobe, but i was nervous about seeing a client or a co-worker, so i thought it was time to try my hand at making my own coffee creamer. i mixed one can of sweetened condensed milk with equal parts skim milk, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract. ummm... yum! it was exactly what my sunday morning coffee needed. and i didn't even have to get out of my bathrobe. total win.

according to joann fabrics, march is national craft month. i was going to try to be really creative and post an obscene amount of projects and ideas for your own pleasure & enjoyment. but here we are, almost done with march 8, and i've yet to embark on that journey. my apologies. but i do have some cute ideas to share over the next few weeks... including an adorable st. patty's day gift i'm working on for my little sister. stay tuned!

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