Thursday, March 11, 2010

my endless love.

remember those houndstooth wellies i mentioned? well, i finally located them and, like a little kid on christmas morning, excitedly opened the shoe box to greet my adorable old friends. i was extremely dismayed to discover that the white on the boots had become disclored, and was now an ugly yellowish-orangeish-blotchy hue.

now, truth be told, i think i spent something like $9.99 at tj maxx on these bad boys, so it's my own fault they lasted for only one spring season. (because let me tell you, they CANNOT be salvaged. i thought maybe the lighting in my house was making the discoloration seem worse than it actually was. ohhhh no. real light was far worse. sadly, the wellies have seen their last days walking.)

but here's the thing: i hate being wet. when it rains and the bottoms of my pants get wet, i am disportionately crabby compared to what i would otherwise be. i am not a fan of rain in general, but at least wellies gave me a good reason to stop hating precipitation so much. i decided it was imperative to shell out the funds to replace the wellies since i apparently live in iowa's own version of seattle.

i was almost ready to purchase a pair of rain boots from piperlime when a friend suggested i check out endless. i found the exact boots i had contemplated for almost $20 cheaper, PLUS endless offers FREE OVERNIGHT shipping on brand new items and FREE TWO-DAY shipping on other things. get your booties over to their site and reward yourselves with their fabulous deals!

UPDATE, UPDATE! my wellies arrived from endless. ummm, who says there's no such thing as love at first sight?!? i ordered these on thursday morning and they arrived on friday. to iowa. remarkable!  my mom is also in on the endless love, or will be soon; i arrived at my brother's hockey game wearing the new boots and she decided she had to have a pair. (i ordered her the lime green polka dot ones, and they should be here tomorrow. just in time for a little st. patty's day surprise!)

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