Thursday, February 4, 2010


well, my hands are in need of a little TLC after spending the night with john & some sandpaper. the good news is that a massive new project has begun (and john is on board!), so hopefully i'll have something to share with you soon.

i'll give you a little hint: the hodge podge lodge has moved from cardigan embellishments and fabric flowers to... furniture! and another hint: the mistress of the lodge is now the proud owner of her very own staple gun! those of you who may have gathered around our table to share a meal or two better treasure those memories of the table's former facade; slowly, but surely, we're getting a "new" dining room set! discovering what the wood looks like under it's former finish has been well worth the dry hands... it's so pretty!

so, anyway... in between that barbri studying i simply must accomplish this weekend, there's going to be some sanding, staining, painting, stapling, re-covering and the like. i promise to share the results as soon as i can!

hope you all have a productive weekend!

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  1. congrats!! i love my staple gun! it's the only thing i wanted for xmas! i've used it a lot!