Saturday, January 30, 2010


i write this for no other reason than because i wish to share with you my pure joy over the following:

after long last, i. have. beaten. john. at. scrabble. it's a little like the proverbial beating mr. so and so at his own game. yes, that's exactly what it's like.

it was slightly rewarding when sir johnny thought he'd won the game on his second turn, with the word "quo." turns out quo, in and of itself, is not a word.
though i can't really blame him. i was convinced, up until awhile ago (a short while ago), that "cloe" was a word. cloe... you know, the singular form of clothes? some clothes, one cloe. riiiiight? apparently not.

but... i digress. the point is... i won. i'm the winner.
and victory tastes a little like winking owl chardonnay!

we (ok, me) are currently enjoying this victory (ok, he's pouting in his recliner) while sipping wine (ok, he's sipping on a cool one) and listening to michael buble on SNL.

sooo, now that you know the rest of the story, i'm going to get back to making these adorable little creations.

(yes, that is a barbri book hiding under the little flower pins. sort of summarizes the level of priority at this point.)

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