Saturday, April 6, 2013

some more jack-isms for your Saturday!

Me: Jack, how did this truck get to the bottom of the stairs?  Did you throw it?
Jack: It was a accident on purpose.

while organizing clothes that he's grown out of...
Me: How did you get to be such a big boy?
Jack: (motioning with his hands) I was a tiny baby!  I grow and I grow and I grow.  I am a big boy, and I am cute!

Me: I have to feed Owen first.
Jack: Owen's daddy can do it.

Me: What do you want to do today?  Do you want to go to the park?
Jack: No, he wants to play trucks ALL DAY LONG.

clothes are strewn all over my room during my spring cleaning campaign...
Jack: Who made this mess?!  It was MOMMY.  I am going to be very mad at you!

in the throes of spring cleaning...
Me: Holy moly!  Mommy needs some chocolate!
Jack (runs to the top of the stairs and yells down to Daddy):  DADDY!  DADDY!  WE MEAN CHOCOLATE!  EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!  WE MEAN SOME CHOCOLATE!
Sometimes when he's excited he uses "mean" instead of "need."  Adorable!

while hiding behind a box...
Jack: I'm hiding so I can peek you.  You can't even see me, Mom!

annnddd... my favorite sentence of all time.  I MEAN to record this because I LOVE the way he says it.
Jack:  We MEAN to get more ba-neeeee-nas puz we fresh out!
He says "puz" when he means "because," and it's the cutest thing ever.

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