Wednesday, August 22, 2012

things about Pinterest...

that annoy me.... part i of what may become a series.

first off, let's just get this out there.  i like pinterest a lot.  it has inspired many recipes, home decor ideas and they-will-never-happen-but-i-can-totally-dream photoshoots and birthday parties.  pinterest has helped motivate me to clean, organize and decorate when i might have otherwise laid on the couch.  for that, thank you, pinterest.

it is not without its faults, however, and today i will highlight one that particularly annoys me.

i very much dislike when people pin memes that are supposed to be inspirational (i guess?), and (1) they are so obvious you wonder why anyone wasted the time to create one, let alone re-pin it and/or (2) they have a glaring grammatical error on them.

picture a pin of a young girl with mascara streaked cheeks.  the picture is in black and white and there's an artsy font below her that reads, "the one who's worth it won't make you cry."  like COME ON, are you kidding me?  you needed to pin that so you won't forget?  i mean, it's kind of obvious that you should strive to date a guy who isn't a complete asshole, right?  do you need to pin that reminder to a board?

or a picture with the same girl only now she's looking into a mirror, studying her reflection and the font reads, "you're worth it."  or maybe it reads "your worth it" (see #2 above).  i think that's great.  i believe you are worth it... i just think it's silly to pin that stupid picture.

i am all about re-pinning delicious appetizer recipes and time-saving cleaning techniques.  i love me some pictures of adorably decorated nurseries and kids' rooms.  i can get behind pictures of esty prints with inspirational quotes on them (provided they don't violate #'s 1 or 2 above).  but i just beg you, people of the interwebs: give up your obsession with these horrible memes.  


  1. I think this could easily be a series. if you need a guest writer, please let me know! My favorite memes are the ones of anorexic girls/toned/whatever with stupid comments about not eating so you can look like this.

    AWESOME. i can't wait for my child to be on pinterest and get a bad body image because of crazy people.

    I'm kind of bored this afternoon, so I may create a few memes and pin them for you to see :)

    I, like you, enjoy pinterest mostly for the recipes and diy ideas. Speaking of that, I think I need to start working on some of the crafts I have pinned!

  2. Agreed! I believe I have referenced this in my blog regarding 1) the stupid "how to be anorexic" pins, 2)the palette re-use mania even though they are often TOXIC, 3) and the Bucket List pins that say obvious crap like "Have a son." Okay.....

    Also, I don't like to have to scroll through pins on how to have skinny thighs and lose belly fat whilst I'm pinning pumpkin donuts:)

    Colleen & Stephanie...let's do a Pinterest pumpkin craft get together in early October! And a Pinterest wreath craft night. A "Pinterest Challenge" if you will with wine (sorry Steph!) and snacks:)

  3. I know. Those stupid body image memes are horrible. I have to hope that people aren't tracking back to the original pin and seeing what the recommended weight loss tricks really are because some of them are so unhealthy and scary.

    Yes - let's do a Pinterest challenge. I will have apple cider. I want to do a fall wreath and I need some decorating ideas for Fuegerfest! Let's make it happen!

  4. We may have to have a Pinterest challenge for each of the upcoming holidays. I can't have an awesome fall wreath, but have my winter one look awful :) Wine/apple cider/snacks sound good to me. We will have to wait a few weeks thought, I know Kristin isn't quite ready for fall yet :) I'd love to help out with Fuegerfest decor as well!

  5. I know you ladies are already in several clubs and such, but a craft club may be in order....I have an entire dresser in my dining room filled with craft supplies begging to be used!