Thursday, July 19, 2012

whilst surfing the internet...

I was reading some message boards on BabyCenter.  Because, you know, that's when I do when I need a break from researching anti-stacking provisions under Iowa law.

I happened to read the following:

I hope you know formula has lots of bad things in it, Google the truth behind baby formula. Diapers have chemicals that can cause cancer. Epidurals drug your baby and delay the soul from entering the body at birth. I don't know if your trying to brag or something. I don't know what your intentions are, but do your research first. I'm a full on "crunchy" mom. As mothers we should try and do what's best for our children, not feed them poisons. 
(Emphasis added to highlight the crazy.)

So then I decided to do some digging around the interwebs to find the genesis of this idea... you know that epidurals somehow cause this body-soul disconnect.

I stumbled onto the following from here:

Let us not forget that most hospitals have morgues on the bottom floor. Souls are always leaving bodies in hospitals due to many people dying while in the hospital. Also, believe it or not, there are many discarnates (spirits) looking for earthly bodies to reincarnate or re-manifest in. These discarnates can't accept death or being out of the material body and thus no longer on the material Earth plane. Absent a flesh body, most will wander around as lost souls walking around in between worlds. So many of these souls are looking for new host bodies and souls of new life (babies) enter the body (baby's body) after the baby exits the womb. It takes approximately 17 minutes for a soul to be comfortably situated and acclimated into its new body.
Incidentally, it takes approximately 17 minutes for the mother's umbilical cord to stop pulsating. The soul is really not completely inside its new body until the mother's umbilical cord stop pulsating.
You can allow the umbilical cord to stay connected to mother and child for the full 17 minutes in a home birth but forget about this in a hospital birth. Doctors are on a time schedule and do not care about science or Nature. Doctors are not waiting 17 minutes to cut the umbilical cord and you can believe that! This is guaranteed! Doctors are cutting that cord (or may even allow the father to cut the cord) within minutes of delivery or the baby exiting from the womb. This is insalubrious considering it takes the soul 17 minutes to fully acclimate and situate itself inside the new host body.
Cutting the cord prematurely causes grave injuries on so many levels. Most times a soul is not comfortably in its new body when the cord is cut, especially during a hospital birth. While a woman is pregnant, the soul hovers around (above) the mother. It is still there above the mother during the labor. When the baby's head makes its way out of the vagina the soul begins its sojourn of making its way into the body and again, it takes approximately 17 minutes for the acclimation process to unfold.

I realize the comment above and this excerpt address two completely different issues, but you know I just had to share them both.  
Anyone have on any thoughts on either excerpt they'd like to share?  You know I'm up for a good distraction from my legal research!


  1. poor child is probably soul less now. Not only that, I must have seriously poisoned her with my epidural AND not being able to nurse and having to feed her formula. I wonder what is worse, feeding her poison or letting her starve? :) Not to mention, the poor child is going to have cancer from the diapers I put on her. Shame on me!

  2. However, the soul less issue may make sense. I mean she does seem possessed by SOMETHING when she throws herself down during her temper tantrums!

    1. I should clarify, i'm being sarcastic/sassy :)

  3. People are in-freaking-sane. I mean, SERIOUSLY? Can people honestly believe this? This kind of thing makes my blood boil. I've realized since getting pregnant and having Henry that everyone knows the best way to be pregnant/give birth/raise a child, and it annoys the heck out of me. That's why I need to stay away from things like BabyCenter. ;)

  4. Certainly a lot of soul-less peeps who were born in hospitals on this earth!