Monday, July 30, 2012

oh, the thinks he can think!

"chugga chugga choo choo! train!"

oh the thinks he can think if only he tries... jack's imagination has been cracking me up as of late.  the little bugger is hilarious with his little schemes lately.  the other day, he was eating chips and he picks up one that looks a little like a truck.  he starts yelling "momma! truck! vroom - vroom!"  he was so proud of himself, and  i couldn't help but laugh at his little antics.

he's at such a fun age.  a fun age where an ordinary cardboard box becomes a train station, providing endless entertainment for HOURS!  whenever he'd push the train into the "station," he'd yell, "oh no! train hiding?  where go, momma?"  then he'd push it through and giggle hysterically.  

his other go-to favorite in his bag of tricks is pretending that anything he puts on his head is a hat.  play kitchen plates, baskets, buckets or legos... doesn't really matter.  the same rueful grin, the same proud exclamation... "HAT!"  i love seeing how creative he can be and watching his little eyes light up when he makes those connections.

he's also been drawing some sidewalk chalk and marker masterpieces.  the other day he was making an intricate piece of art with a variety of colors and dots in a circle.  i asked him what it was and he said "flower!"  it did sort of resemble a flower, but i guess i might be biased in favor of my little artiste!

this weekend we made pancakes for breakfast.  when i asked jack what he wanted for breakfast, he kept saying "green eggs, green eggs."  we have been reading a lot of green eggs and ham as of late.  i added a little food coloring and made some green or, according to jack, "BLUE CAKES!"  he loved them and even called grandma on his pretend phone to tell her about it. "hey-row ahma!  ummmm... ummmm... blue cakes! bye."

the blue cakes don't really look that appetizing, i realize, and i can't attest to that because the little grape-sized inhabitant of my uterus has taken a decided dislike of most foods in general, but particularly pancakes and syrup... at least as of sunday.  anyway, my little man ate a whole stack and asked for seconds.  guess all that thinking works up quite an appetite!

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  1. Your little one's "Hat!" game was one of Hannah's favorites too - Just had to share.