Monday, November 21, 2011

this little light of mine.

are you as obsessed with the land of nod as i am??? for real, everytime i get their catalog, i'm drooling over pretty much everything. their stuff is SO freakin' adorable, i can't stand it.

anyway, this post is not about how i wish i had a million dollars to blow at various retailers. rather, it's about how i like my crafts... cheap and easy. (there's probably a joke in there somewhere, but i digress). upon thumbing through the land of nod's holiday catalog, i came across this:

isn't that garland the cutest?!? the land of nod wanted $29 for it, but i decided to see if i could make it myself. here's my version (the $0 and 0 cents version):

i settled on these colors after a very long process wherein these were the only scraps of felt in my craft box. i free-handed the lightbulb template, cut a bunch of felt pieces out, stuffed them with one cotton ball each, then sewed them shut and attached them to a long piece of green ribbon i had on hand. it took approximately 2 real housewives episodes to complete (roughly 1.5 hours). (i craft in intervals of reality television, you see).

i'm challenging myself to complete twelve days of christmas crafts. depending on my likelihood of success, i may include the advent calendar i've already completed. (it's not cheating because i get to make the rules). hopefully sometime between now and december 25, i will share with you 10 or 11 more cheap and easy christmas crafts. it's quite possible that i might get distracted by watching "it's a wonderful life" approximately 22 times and coercing john into making me eggnog every night. you never know. either way, i'm so excited for the rapidly approaching holidays... and hope you and yours are, too!

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