Thursday, November 17, 2011

five dolla.

tonight jack and i just had to get out of the house for a hot minute. we had to pick up some supplies at hobby lobby, and since i had a kohl's coupon burning a hole in my pocket, we ventured over there to pick up some socks for his fast growing little feet.

(this is not related to this story whatsoever, but i almost had a nervous breakdown in the store when i picked up some new socks. how are his feet that big already? the socks looked almost as big as mine. that's crazy business.)

but anyway, back to kohl's. upon entering the store, i was pleased to discover that the new kohl's cares book collection being sold includes 4 different nancy tillman books. we already own "on the night you were born" and love it, so i decided to check out the other offerings. they're selling "on the night you were born" along with "the spirit of christmas," "it's time to sleep, my love," and "wherever you are." for $5 each. and ALL the proceeds benefit community charities. these books are so beautiful and touching, and $5 is an unbeatable price when even amazon is selling them for $12+.

get yourself to kohl's and grab these babies before they're gone!

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